Horizon 2020: Green Deal-call

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Horizon 2020: Green Deal-call

Receive subsidies for research and innovation projects that offer climate & environment solutions in the short term with the Green Deal call.

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What is the Horizon 2020: Green Deal-call?

The Horizon 2020 Green Deal call launched by the European Commission is intended for research and innovation projects. The grant focuses on projects that change the climate crisis, work on biodiversity and keep European ecosystems intact. In addition, it is intended to turn a negative situation, the corona crisis, into something positive. They do this by turning green challenges into opportunities.

Whereas the normal Horizon 2020 calls focus mainly on the long term, this is not necessarily the case with the Green Deal call. Because corona demands urgent solutions, your project is eligible if clear and demonstrable short and medium-term results can be expected. Ultimately, all with the aim of making Europe the first continent in the world to become climate-neutral by 2050.

Green Deal-call theme’s

The projects that this call will eventually finance should deliver tangible results in the next ten areas, of which the last two are more future-oriented and more broadly interpretable:

  • Clean, affordable and safe energy
  • Contributing to climate ambitions
  • Building raw materials and energy efficiently
  • A clean and circular economy
  • From farm to plate
  • Sustainable and smart mobility
  • Zero emissions and an environment free of toxins
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Contributing to knowledge
  • Enabling citizens to contribute

Moreover, this call is intended to promote opportunities for international cooperation. In particular, to meet the needs of less developed countries. For example, by identifying the needs of Africa and acting on them.

Horizon 2020 Green Deal budget

Nearly EUR 1 billion is being pulled out by the European Commission in order to achieve these goals. The maximum amount available for your project is not yet known. But we are happy to talk to you to see what we can do for you. This is a great opportunity to get funding for your project in these uncertain times.

Moreover, the budget of 1 billion is sufficient to support many projects and companies. We can therefore help you to make a claim to this in order to get the most out of your project and the corresponding subsidy.

Apply for Green Deal-call

The Green Deal call will be open from 22 September 2020. You have until 26 January 2021 at the latest to submit your application. It is intended that the selected projects will then start approximately in the autumn of 2021. In addition, an information day is planned from 22 to 24 September.

If you are unable to attend, we will be happy to tell you more about the ins and outs of this grant. After all, we are sure of it! We will be happy to discuss with you whether there is an opportunity to contribute to these goals and how we can make the most of this special opportunity.

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